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XCEED XS clutch 1/10 without bell

XCEED XS clutch 1/10 without bell

  • $ 7995

Xceed XS clutch 1/10 without bell.

XS clutch for 1/10 gas onroad. Extra small and light, high performance,
centrifugal, axial clutch.Fits all popular 1/10 scale gas onroad cars.

Clutch bells available for Mugen, Xray, Serpent and lateron Kyosho.
Lightened version in tough, durable steel, precision machined, super
bearing fit.

Fits the standard gearpinion of the various brands. High quality
aluminum and steel parts, superb quality yellow shoe material and
flyweights. Hard spring. Top-quality bearings. Clutch-but with

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