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TRAXXAS 1/10 Nitro Stampede 2WD RTR Tqi

  • $ 39995

The Nitro Stampede builds on the legendary ruggedness and performance
that has made the Stampede name synonymous with monster truck fun. When
you're ready to go faster and run longer, nitro power is the next step.
Nitro Stampede combines TRX® Pro.15 Nitro Power with tall,
drive-over-anything ground clearance for hour after hour of intense
wheelie-popping, rock-crushing action. Just fuel it, start it, and drive
it! Traxxas makes it easy for Nitro Stampede to feed your hunger for
brutal, rock-spitting, dirt-chewing horsepower. The Nitro Stampede
comes equipped with mirror-chrome All-Starâ„¢ 2.8 wheels wrapped with
pre-glued Talon™ all-terrain tires. The smooth-running Revo-Spec® Talon
tread pattern provides incredible grip on hard-packed surfaces, tears
through rocks and gravel, and kicks up giant roosts of dirt off-road.
Performance-tuned foam inserts provide extra stability. The body design
sports an aggressive stance and attention-grabbing graphics that tell
the world this truck is serious about its mission. Gray-molded parts
tastefully compliment the look of the chassis. Pound-for-pound, Nitro
Stampede is one of the meanest, toughest, and best-looking R/C monster
trucks ever created. Nitro Stampede will easily earn its place as your
first choice for exciting, wheelie-popping nitro action.

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