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ORION Advantage Touch AC/DC Charger

ORION Advantage Touch AC/DC Charger

  • $ 25995

Key Features Integrated 100W power supply 4-in-1 Balancing Board Charge
assistant Multilingual interface - 6 languages pre-installed! Dual Input
- 11-18VDC / 100-240VAC Graphic charge/discharge display Graphic
balancing display Upgradeable software via USB Overview This
multi-purpose charger can charge, discharge, balance and cycle NiMH,
NiCd, LiPo, LiFe, LiIon and Pb batteries. Thanks to its touch interface
it is very easy to use even for those not familiar with battery
charging. HPC Processor Its important that the charger gives the
battery a complete charge, no matter the type and original status of the
battery. Through extensive R&D we have found the best charge and
discharge profiles to ensure a safe and reliable charge and discharge,
time after time. The high precision charging circuitry manages the
charge and discharge with unprecedented levels of accuracy, delivering
optimal battery performance charge after charge. Spectra TFT Screen On a
device such as this one, the screen is a very important part of the
charger. The 3 400x240 color TFT-LCD display combined with our
specialized ATTS touch software offers an exclusive touch experience
for the user. Selected high grade components ensure a flawless and
intuitive experience, the information is clearly displayed on the screen
and the touch screen precisely registers the user input. Thanks to its
touch input, the charger reaches new levels of usability and
interactivity. ATTS Software The ATTS software was specifically designed
for the Advantage charger, its interface offers both ease of use for
beginners and customizability for experienced users. All of the
information is clearly displayed on the high-resolution color screen,
this means that having to read lengthy user manuals is a thing of the
past, the charger offers a very intuitive experience. To make things
even simpler for users with limited knowledge, a setup assistant helps
the user to setup to charger. Advanced Balancing The Advantage Touch

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