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FLZA4324 A6M2 Japanese Zero Select Scale Rx-R, 45"

FLZA4324 A6M2 Japanese Zero Select Scale Rx-R, 45"

  • $ 27995

A6M2 Japanese Zero Select Scale Rx-R, 45"


Long-ranged, fast, and more maneuverable than any Allied aircraft of the time, the Japanese Zero was the ultimate aggressor. With its combination of looks, performance, and unique features, the Flyzone Select Scale Zero is an elegant representation of the power and lethal beauty of the Zero. This bird is authentic all the way from the trim scheme and brushless motor system down to the replica bomb drop and retractable electric landing gear. If you own a radio, 7-channel receiver, AnyLink adapter, and 3S LiPo battery, the Rx-R can be in the air in minutes.


  • Construction: AeroCell foam
  • Wing: One piece, with ailerons and flaps
  • Aileron Control: Dual servo
  • Motor: 1000kV brushless 77g outrunner
  • ESC: 40A
  • Landing Gear: Electric retractable, 2" (51mm) diameter main wheels prebent tail torque rod with 0.75" (19mm) diameter steerable tail wheel
  • Bomb: AeroCell foam To release the bomb remotely, a 7-channel transmitter and receiver will be required. Or, the flap servo may be disconnected from the receiver, making a vacant channel available for the bomb release. This method disables the flaps. Or, the flap and bomb servos may be connected.
  • Propeller: 10x6 three blade
  • Spinner: Plastic 2" (51mm) diameter, black in color

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