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DYNAMITE Blue Thunder Sport 20%, GALLON

DYNAMITE Blue Thunder Sport 20%, GALLON

  • $ 4495

Blue Thunder—still America’s #1 racing fuel and the fuel of choice for
more race winners over the past decade than with any other brand.
World-renowned engine expert Ron Paris formulated Blue Thunder to
quickly bring your engine to operating temperature, allow correct tuning
of the carb after just a few laps and maintain that level throughout
even the longest mains.Blue Thunder Sport Formula is ideal for those
who are new to gas cars or for drivers that want maximum protection for
their engines. It features a unique additive called ZX-7 that provides
over-lean indication protection. When an engine is over-leaned,
internal engine temperatures dramatically increase. At these critical
temperatures, Blue Thunder Sport Forumla actually changes from a
lubricant to a combustible, giving an immediate indication to the driver
that the mixture is too lean. On the track, if the engine is
over-leaned, the driver willl immediately notice that the car will
hesitate during acceleration, indicating that it's time to pull in and
richen the mixture. If the engine continues to run at these overly lean
settings it will quit before damage to internal engine components

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